Monday, May 5, 2008

Gelato Lovers Rejoyce!

2323 North Henderson, #105
Dallas, TX 75206

My husband and I finally got a chance to try the newly Opened Natsumi on Henderson this weekend, and let me tell you--this will be the first of many trips. This chain touts fresh, organic gelato and frozen yogurt in flavors both usual and unusual. On our first trip, we stuck to the basics, sampling almond (divine), biscotti (basically just vanilla with a few biscotti crumbles), chocolate (surprisingly rich), and tiramisu (tasted a little too much like Bailey's Irish Cream, but still delish). The almond was definitely the stand out with its buttery, sweet flavor, and we heard others raving about it while we were placing our order.

Perhaps next time we'll have the courage to try some of their more unusual flavors. Pass me the White Chocolate Gogi Berry. Avacado, anyone?

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Jennifer said...

Gelato is heaven! At our Market Street in McKinney, they have this dish they create called Spaghetti Ice. They take Gelato and put it through a spaghetti press. They add strawberry sauce for spaghetti sauce, grated white chocolate for parmesan cheese, and a couple malt balls (woppers) for meat balls. Very cute, tasty and fun for $5.