Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chaparral chapped your hide

That sucks! Good for you for aborting the mission and heading elsewhere...I totally believe that in this case it was right to salvage what was left of the evening, as opposed to letting the place dig itself deeper and deeper into the hole.

That said, it's usually a good idea ask for a manager in this sort of situation and allow him/her the chance to make the situation right. Bad waiters happen, and good waiters have really bad days, so always give the manager an opportunity to their job.

I totally stand by your actions in this case, however, because it was after all Cupid's Big Night. An uncomfortable talk with the manager of a sucky restaurant is not my idea of an aphrodisiac - and isn't the whole holiday, along with the trappings of flowers, candy, dinner and dancing involved therein designed to get one laid?

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FoodiePrincess said...

Yeah, normally I would have done that, but I was so cranky at that point that it wouldn't have done anyone any good. Argh.