Sunday, February 18, 2007


Don't waste your time at this joint. My husband and I thought dinner and dancing at this old-school spot might be a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but we actually found it to be the worst service we've ever received (or not received) at a restaurant. It was also much more out-dated than retro, and the Adam's Mark hotel as a whole was pretty skanky looking.

We had reservations for two at 8, and we requested a window table. When we got there at a little before 8, they told us our table wasn't ready yet (not a problem) and that we could grab a drink in the lounge (definitely not a problem). Except that we sat in the lounge for almost 30 minutes, and NOBODY would even stop long enough to take our drink order. At one point, one of the waiters actually looked at us, shrugged, and moved on. It was at that point that I started to get a wee bit irritated.

So, we finally got seated, and who was our waiter but the SHRUGGER. Then, to make matters worse, he comes over to our table and says, "Sorry I couldn't stop, we're just so swamped." Then he walked off (clock is at more than 30 minutes, and still no drink), and didn't return for 5-10 minutes. When he did come back, he said, "I'll be back in a few minutes to take your drink order." We didn't even have a wine list! At that point, I whipped out my cell, called Fuse a couple of blocks away, and put us on the wait list for a table.

We then exited the restaurant 45 minutes after we arrived--still waiting for someone to take our drink order.

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