Tuesday, August 28, 2007

FoodiePrincess' Top Five Neighborhood Restaurants

My “neighborhood” is kind of hard to define. We’re sandwiched between Munger Place, Lakewood, and the Knox/Henderson area, so we’ve got a great mix of eclectic restaurants in our backyard. To be fair, I am eliminating any restaurant where the average entrée costs more than $15 (sorry, York Street and Kitchen 1924) and any chain restaurants (sorry, Chipotle.) These are the places we go back to again and again, and for good reason.

5. Gold Rush Café (1913 Skillman Street): My favorite breakfast place, if only for the varied cast of characters always in attendance. Plus, an omelet filled with taco meat with a side of refried beans can cure ANY hangover.

4. The Old Monk (2847 Henderson): Okay, maybe it’s not a restaurant as much as it is a bar, but the food is really, really good. I love the smoked salmon sandwich with cream cheese and capers as much as I love the beer.

3. Brother’s Fried Chicken (4839 Gaston): Okay, technically, this could be considered a chain, because they did recently open one in Plano, but this is the original. The chicken is crispy and spicy, and on a Sunday afternoon, there’s absolutely nothing better.

2. Matt’s Rancho Martinez (6332 La Vista Dr.): Bob Armstrong dip. Need I say more?

1. Alligator Café (4416 Live Oak): If you haven’t been to this converted Wendy’s for the best Cajun food in Dallas, I suggest you hustle. Everything we’ve tried on the menu, from the Crawfish Enchiladas (my favorite) to the fried catfish to the Atchafalaya with Crawfish Ettoufe (my husband’s favorite) is unbelievable. This is the place we always end up going when we can’t figure out what we want.

Just missing the top five: Cuquita’s, Angelo’s, Lakewood Bar & Grill, and Tipperary Inn


HottRoddHairGodd said...

Okay I certainly agree here. I love Alligator and I had it Blackened to perfection. I also had the Bread Pudding. About to leave and I saw the award notice from the Bread Pudding Society. It indeed is the best! Love the Alligator Cafe and will return many many times!!!!

Thanks for the suggestion. I have passed it many times and wondered now I know. I should have stopped long ago.

FoodiePrincess said...

I'm so glad you liked it! Try the crawfish enchiladas--you will not be sorry...

gaela renee said...

'the tipp' as it is fondly referred to, is a favorite of my parents and i. even celebrated a birthday there! everybody should have a favorite pub! glad to see it got a notable mention!

Lydia Wagner said...

Tim has always wanted to go Gator's - this gave him even more reason to go. I'll let you know what we think!

Anonymous said...

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