Monday, October 8, 2007

The DallasEats Mixology Competition!

I don't care if we got our butts kicked, those Hott Rodds were worth the humiliation!

Speak for yourself, FP. As soon as my head clears, I'm organizing a re-match. I don't take defeat lying down. In this case, I was lying down for another reason all together. (Note to self: Cabana Boys should be enjoyed *one* at a time...two or three in one night is just plain freaky.)

For those of you who have been on the edge of your seats since "Drugstore Gourmet", you can now lean back, get comfortable and read on to find out the gory details of yet another DallasEats Feat of Strength. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, you'd better do your homework: find the details of our first competition along the left-hand side of your screen, under the month of July.

The Set-up:

Five competitors (C&S and FP included, along with three other talented amateur mixologists) created an original cocktail, complete with a catchy "roll off the tongue even after three of 'em" name. The resulting concoctions were evaluated by several esteemed lushes - er, judges - and awarded points for presentation, flavor and creativity. Bonus points were given to those entries that would have been ordered again in a bar or made at home by the judges.

In a surprising upset, 1st, 2nd and 3rd places were all taken by outsiders. We here at DallasEats were amazed by the creativity, originality and personality on display at this competition! Our winners went above and beyond the call to get a houseful of boozers tipsy and keep them entertained while doing so. (Never discouraged by the democratic process, and always prone to making up our own rules, the DallasEats girls are planning a little palm-greasing next time to ensure that at least one of those shiny ribbons stays in the family.)

Below, the winning entries. Make one at home tonight for a little extra fun at cocktail hour! Or make three at home tonight for a lot of extra fun at cocktail hour - then call in sick tomorrow. You deserve it.

3rd Place - J.R.

"The Cabana Boy"

Mix equal parts:

Mango Malibu
Passion Fruit Malibu
V8 Tropical Splash

Stir and serve. Works great as a slushie, too! Garnish with pineapple, oranges and cherries.

2nd Place - Rodd

"The Hott Rodd"

Pour these three chilled liquors in the order listed (pour slowly over the back of a spoon to maintain distinct layers):

1. Godiva's Dark Chocolate Liqueur
2. Caravella's Orangecello
3. Patron's Citronage Orange Liqueur

Take a spoon and drizzle Stonewall Kitchen's White Chocolate Orange Sauce along the inside of each glass, s
prinkle orange sugar onto the sauce and serve.
Says Rodd: "This drink is sure to warm you up on a cool night and it's sexy too!"

1st Place/Grand Prize - Robin and Rob

"Mr. and Ms. Pineapple Heads"

Mix equal parts:

Pineapple juice
Fresh Lime juice
Triple Sec
Silver Tequila (Silver mixes better with fresh fruit juice)
dash of salt

3 cups of each yields about a gallon of cocktails. Serve chilled, over ice. Or in a custom-carved pineapple with maraschino cherry eyes and fresh-flower garnish. (see photo)

Hats off to Robin and Rob - the Pineapple Head is our new favorite treat!


Jennifer said...

At least, I got to take a sip of some of the drinks...oh, I'll be ready next time to judge. I had lots of fun being one of the only sober people there.

gaela renee said...

good times! who doesn't love a good cabana boy!?

HottRoddHairGodd said...

OMG I wasn't trying to humiliate anyone.........heheeeheh at least you will remember my drink! LOL Love you guys and what a superb party! I can't wait for the next one, hint hint hint!!!!!


Kewljen said...

I had a blast! Next time I will try to be earlier! LOL!

Kristi Cochran said...

How does one get on the judges list?

Christin said...

Hi! I'm trying to plan a bachelorette party for my best friend and was wondering if anyone knows anything about hiring a mixologist to give a short class for about 10 to 15 women. It's in a couple of weeks, so I need to act fast! If you have any ideas, please email me, Christin, at