Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Savor Dallas: A Delicious Diary

This past weekend was Savor Dallas, our annual two-day, multi-venue food and wine event.  Click the link below to read my full report on Saturday's International Grand Tasting, the centerpiece of this wonderful weekend.  I had an all-access pass, from behind-the-scenes set-up early in the day to an evening filled with chefs, winemakers and lots of amazing dishes and drinks.  

Did you attend any of the Savor Dallas events?  If so, which?  What were your impressions?



Food Czar said...

Great report, C&S! I gather that your volunteer status allowed you free admission. If so, I may consider doing the same during next years celebration.

eatingindallas said...

Did you take the pictures you posted? They're very good.

Classy&Sassy said...

I did take the pictures (all but the last crowd shot - that was my husband), but I can't take much credit; my camera is pretty much fool-proof. I love it :)

Smarry said...

very nice thanks for sharing your feelings...............

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