Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Froggies Uptown: Fun Foodie Finds!

Have you checked out the new West Village 
location of Froggies 5 & 10 yet?   
What fun!

Open since December, this Uptown outpost of everyone's favorite Dallas tchotchke shop is a little more sophisticated than its sibling up on Knox.  I stopped in yesterday, and was delighted to find a wide selection of jewelry, tote bags and gift items (no wind up chatter teeth or rubber chickens at this Froggies).  But what really got my pulse racing was the store's adorable displays of tableware, cocktail accoutrements and various other foodie finds!

pic 1:  I heart these colorful plates.  We all know a Hippie Chick, Little Princess or Happy Camper that would love these as a gift.  There were also matching cups.

pic 2:  Check out these shiny mini cocktail shakers.  They come in packs of four - perfect for parites, and cute enough to serve the drinks right in 'em!  The coasters, above, were also a find.  Love the faux cross-stitch set with messages like "Go *&%$ yourself."  

pic 3:  There was also a display of colorful cooking and cocktail books - great for hostess gifts.  And those packages up on the left are cheeky placemats.  Sweet.

Check out Froggies Uptown for yourself - these shots barely scratch the surface.  Happy Shopping!

Froggies Uptown
3699 McKinney Ave.
in the West Village
(214) 219-5867


Eddie G said...

I love those plates :)

Momcat said...

Wow! Cute stuff!! How are the prices?

Looks like I need to go shopping!

Classy&Sassy said...

Prices cover a wide range - some stuff is in the "cheap and cute" category, while other stuff is nicer and more expensive. Their cards and gift wrap are mid-range (not American Greetings, but not Papyrus).

paige said...

Does anyone know if they still have their location in the Knox-Henderson area. I've tried going on their website, but doesn't give much info- thanks!

Classy&Sassy said...

Paige - yep, Knox location is still open. Happy Shopping!

Anonymous said...

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