Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It's not "Goodbye" - It's "See you soon!"

Classy&Sassy and FoodiePrincess, c. 2005 (pre-blog)

With a heavy heart, we're sad to announce that we'll be retiring DallasEats, effective today.  It's been an amazing two and a half years, and we've had more fun than we ever thought possible sharing our explorations, insights, cravings and observations with all of you on the blog.

This announcement comes on the heels of major developments in both of our lives.  For starters, little Miller Brant is now the apple of FP (a.k.a. Robin Brant)'s eye - and the primary focus of her time and energy. Between family fun, her day-gig and finishing up with her MBA, her moments to herself are few and far between these days.  You can stay current on the Brant
family's continuing adventures at

And C&S (aka Lisa Petty) will now be blogging for the Dallas Observer's City of Ate.  Tune in for news, trends, first looks, and events every day - your comments are welcome!  Also, beginning July 15, you can find her at as well, reporting on style and shopping around town in a new daily feature entitled "Want This".  Fun stuff!

So, as you can see, we're not saying "goodbye" fact, we might just see more of each other now than ever before.  Thank you all so much for reading, and remember:  Don't be a stranger!

With love,

Robin and Lisa


Food Czar said...

I'll miss your lovely posts on Dallas Eats, but it seems that this decision is prompted by an abundance of good news! Yay!!!

Eddie G said...


Margie said...

It's been fun! With more fun to come, I'm sure!!

Joe and Kristi Cochran said...

Totally bummed...but we certainly understand that life priorities shift.

Anonymous said...

Good luck on the next chapter in your lives!

Classy&Sassy said...

Thanks Gammypie - I wish I'd gotten to meet you! You'll read the City of Ate now, right? I love your comments :)

The J.R. said...

FP and C&S you have no idea how proud I am and over-joyed for both of you. Seriously, if I had emotions, you'd be seeing them right now. At first I was alarmed that I would have no place to leave comments and vent however I am so glad to see that now my blog commenting has expanding to 3 different outlets....this is great...I cant wait to see both of the new blogs and ventures....who thinks cocktails are in order to celebrate? I starting now...So long Dallaseats...i keep thinking the longer I type i might be able to muster up a tear before the end but it doesnt look like its gonna happen...sorry kids...I could pinch myself, but honey, I bruise easily..its a side effect of porceline guys wouldnt understand...bye for now, The J.R.

Barbara said...

I'm sad to see DallasEats go, but it's understandable. At least Bailey got to be the last chowhound. She has loved her 15 mins of fame!

Robin said...

It's been a great blog, ladies. You should be really proud. I'm sure you'll both do just as well in the your next chapters.

luniz said...

congrats to both of you. thanks for taking the time to share a lot of information and opinions over the past years. good luck in your new gigs.

Anonymous said...

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