Friday, January 23, 2009

This Spud's For You!

BuzzBrews' Garlic Marbles?  Yum!

Check out this week's Appetite for Instruction to learn Ernest Belmore's secret to delicious potatoey goodness.  Belmore, founder of Cafe Brazil and BuzzBrews Kitchen, knows his way around a Yukon Gold - and these famous Garlic Marbles are an ideal side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner. 



p.s.  If you missed last week's lesson, click here to learn how to make an easy and sophisticated pasta dish from another top Dallas chef:  Appetite for Instruction #1

p.p.s.  And if you have a suggestion for a future installment of this series, please do let me know!  I'm sure there are some tips, tricks and dishes you'd like to learn from restaurants/chefs around town...


Anonymous said...

That looks very tasty!

Anonymous said...

Very nice thanks for great posting............

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