Thursday, January 29, 2009

Super Bowl Munchies!

What's hot and crunchy, packs a spicy punch 
and will disappear before half time?  

...Give up?  

It's Susie Buck's Texas Rumaki (a.k.a. Jack's Bites), and you can learn how to make this easy crowd-pleaser in today's Appetite for Instruction on the Dallas Observer's City of Ate blog.  Susie, chef and co-owner of Jack's Backyard in Oak Cliff, is a pro when it comes to giving hungry, fun-loving guests exactly what they crave.  I had the pleasure of visiting with her earlier this week, and she provided step-by-step instructions for putting together this popular appetizer at home.  

Read all about Susie's Texas Rumaki today and your guests will thank you Sunday.  Take my word for it - bacon never had it so good.



HeatherBakes said...

These look great! I've had them with water chestnuts before, but the chicken and jalapeno sound even better..

Anonymous said...

thanks for the nice posting..........

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