Thursday, February 5, 2009

Quick Poll: Destination Dining

While flipping through the latest issue of Rachael Ray Magazine (uh-huh, I read it - but I've already confessed), I came upon a very interesting stat.  In a recent survey of some 13,000 of their readers, 40% reported that their vacations "revolve around food".  Wow.

Being the hungry little thing that I am, it should come as no surprise that any time I leave home - for a week or for the day - I've spent a considerable amount of time mapping out where I might find some local, adventurous or just downright delicious bites to eat.  But up until now, I thought this peculiar quirk was relatively rare, shared only by the most obsessive of my fellow foodie friends.  Guess not.    

I will hereby no longer feel even a little embarrassed when asking to divert several miles off the tourist trail to sample a regional delight (Natchitoches Meat Pie, anyone?).  And I won't even blink when suggesting a hotel based solely on the chocolates that it places on your pillow.  So there.  From here on out, I'm a proud 40-percenter!

Now, what about you?  Do you fall into this category of galavanting gourmets?  When did you last take a vacation, and did it "revolve around food"?  If so, how?  



Food Czar said...

C&S, my lovely wife and I journeyed to Las Vegas in December when hotel rates were low. My wife has a major crush on Bobby Flay and so we had to try Mesa Grill. Let me tell you, he's not just a constant Food Network presence, the boy can cook! I still hold dear memories of his Wild Mushroom Quesadilla and cornmeal-encrusted Chili Relleno, washed down with one of his Signature Margaritas!

Anonymous said...

Although we travel for various reasons, food always plays a key role in our trips. A few examples:

Boston (business/pleasure) - Union Oyster House, Frederick Wertz (great German food, amazing beer selection)

Savannah (visiting son & family) -The Lady & Son's, The (original) Crab Shack, Six Pence Pub

Eureka Springs, AK (favorite weekend getaway) - Rogue's Manner

The C-man plans our trip itinerary, but I check out the local restaurant scene and make sure we have reservations, if necessary, for places we don't want to miss.

HeatherBakes said...

Oh yeah, we used to take foodie road trips all of the time in college (VA)- to visit a tiny pizza shack in Crozet, a great frozen yogurt place in Charlottesville, to Dean & Deluca in Georgetown and Trader Joe's in Richmond. Insane.

Next up is New Orleans. I'm just starting to research where to eat (suggestions welcome!).

FoodiePrincess said...

Heather, try the Upper Line when you're in New Orleans. It was by far the best place we ate the last time we were there.

I always try to find somewhere fun to eat when we're on vacation. That's one of the reasons we love Cozumel so much. We have our favorite places there (La Veranda, Pancho's Backyard, The Lobster House, etc.) that we soooo look forward to visiting when we go there.

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