Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Comment Card: By Request

Yesterday my Mom left a comment asking if anyone had any good summer soup recipes to share.  Great question!  Soup ain't just for winter - in fact, gazpacho was made for this time of year.  Cucumber, melon and strawberries also star in some popular summer soup recipes.  So, do any of you have a good one to share? 

And p.s. to J.R.:  I'll bet your new veggie garden will have us in gazpacho in no time.  But I'd also guess your recipe calls for a quart of heavy cream and three sticks of butter :)


Eddie G said...

Yum...you know how I feel about gazpacho!

The J.R. said...

Good Morning Kids....I am having a piece of almond pound cake( speaking of butter, cream cheese, eggs, and sugar) with a blackberry sauce on top with my coffee....mmmmmm, its a good day! We had a small garden scare, but I think my veggies are troopers...during the storm my entire back yard was under water and all I could see were their little leafy heads sticking up from the ocean in which they were stranded...i woudl have thrown a life preserver, but I would have gotten wet...so something had to give....i just prayed to jeebus they would live...i found this sufficient...evidently they loved the little swim because they have shot up even more...i love summer soups as well..My favorite is simple and sure to hit the spot everytime...Vodka, ice, lime...stir until blended, serve immediately, works for groups or alone, and Im not sure if this keeps well or not because there have never been any leftovers...I will keep everyone updated on the garden status...I think we are still 30 days out from any veggies...Until next time...J.R.

Anonymous said...

I do have a nice summer squash soup recipe... I need to dig that one up. Now, where was it?

Momcat said...

Hi, Margie,
Summer squash soup sounds lovely. I read your blog, too, and I'll be looking forward to the recipe.

Eddie - do you have a gazpacho recipe that you especially like?

Anonymous said...

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