Sunday, July 13, 2008

Humane-itarian, Part IV: A Quick Bite

Just a quick note on a couple of satisfying sammies I've discovered in the past couple of weeks.  This Humane-itarian gig has forced me to examine every nook and cranny of every restaurant menu, and in the process I've made a couple of delicious discoveries:

Great American Hero
Lemmon Avenue @ Throckmorton, Dallas

This little neighborhood spot makes a mean hero - or panini or wrap or what-have-you.  They offer a wide range of vegetarian sandwiches, and I've developed a special place in my heart for The Healthy Hero, a satisfying combination of cream cheese, jack cheese, sprouts, mushrooms, cucumber and the like on fresh baked bread.  It's crunchy and creamy and downright delish - and at only $5, it'll leave you with plenty of dough for dessert.  (p.s. Yes, we're calling cream cheese "healthy" now.  You got a problem with that?)

Panera Bread
Various locations to choose from

I just love Panera.  The bread is fresh, the service is fast, and they have free Wi-Fi.  Nice.  Only thing that would make it better would be the use of organic, free-range deli meats (especially my beloved turkey).  Barring that, I'll stick with the Mediterranean Veggie Sandwich - basically a Greek salad on bread, with an added schmear of hummus to provide palate-pleasing protein.  I'm also excited to try the Portobello and Mozzarella Panini - with a name like that, what could be bad?


Jennifer said...

Kris took me to Great American Hero and it was delicious (lived down there for two years and never went...why??). Seriously, cream cheese on any sandwich? Heaven. Wait, I think that's what I had...the heavenly hero.

jruptown said...

I just thought of this restaurant we need to try...a friend pointed it out, and it's south of downtown...that is the polite way of saying "Close to oakcliff"...*locks door*...anyway, it is suppoe to be fabulous and totally vegan...which I know you aren't, but if there is no meat at all, dairy products, etc...I asure you no animals were harmed...except for maybe the alley cats who go hungry cause they wont eat anything that comes out of the dumpster form that place...I am told they have pancakes, etc...I have no idea how you make a dairy-less, egg-less, pancake....but I would be willing to find out. I dont know they name, but I can ge there in the car...sound adventureous? MUAH!