Tuesday, July 29, 2008

RIP Bennigan's?

Crazy news out of Dallas-based Bennigan's Restaurants today - looks like all corporate-owned Bennigan's outposts have locked their doors as of this morning. This was very unexpected, even to those working there, and so far it looks like Metromedia Restaurant Group, who owns Bennigan's, as well as Steak and Ale, isn't commenting publicly on whether this is a permanent or temporary situation.

The good news for Bennigan's fans (I don't personally know anyone who falls into that catergory, but there must be some out there) is that many Bennigan's are franchised, and those will remain open.


Classy&Sassy said...

Where, o where, will my bro EJ get his Monte Cristo fix now?

Jennifer said...

Bleh, didn't care for Bennigan's. Well, except for the fried cheese..memories.

jruptown said...

First of all, my only concern is that Bennigan patrons will start invading places that I frequently enjoy eating*shudder* and secondly...How can you think of Bennigans at a time like this when "Kitchen 1924" in Lakewood and "Scene" in Downtown Dallas alos closed at the same time....these were FABULOUS restaurants....and the cocltails at scene seriously make me consider taking up a drinking problem....they will be missed *sniffle*

Anonymous said...

I can live without Bennigan's.

But JR - did you say that 'Kitchen 1924' is closed????? I am devastated.

What's the world coming to?


jruptown said...

Yes, Kitchen 1924 is closed...I am beside myself as well..

C&S, didn't Tony work there?