Sunday, July 27, 2008

Humane-itarian, Part V: An added bonus

It would seem that my recent switch to a "Humane-itarian" diet (see blog post from June), has the added eco-friendly benefit of reducing my carbon footprint.  While flipping through the latest issue of SELF magazine yesterday, I ran across the following blurb:

"Livestock accounts for 18 percent of the world's greenhouse-related gases, including deforestation that clears grazing land and the transportation of your steak, a United Nations agency in Rome finds.  Trade beef for beans once a week to save greenhouse gases equivalent to those emitted while driving 1,160 miles a year.  Craving a burger?  Eat organic or local beef, which isn't shipped as far."

So I'm saving the earth when I eat vegetarian and I'm part of the solution when I choose organic meat as well?  Nice.  I will hereby feel virtuous the next time I eat a spinach quesadilla ...instead of furious that it's the only vegetarian offering on the menu besides a limp iceberg salad.  Incidentally, does anyone know of a restaurant in the affordable price range, besides Chipotle, that serves organic, free-range, and/or grass-fed meats?  (My current running spin-q total: 157 and counting).


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jruptown said...

I will have to research this and get back to the mean time I could hit something for you in my car on the way to was free roaming (obviously) and I wont have to take it that far to deliver it to your house....Squirrel anyone?