Sunday, July 27, 2008

J.R.-Wiches Put in a Cameo at Blog Fan's Birthday Bash

Hey there fellow foodies!  Let's all raise our glasses to Suzy Shoup - totally awesome blog fan and newly crowned member of the 30-and-Fab Club (I got my membership card back in March, and I'm loving the perks!).  

While sipping sangria at her luau-themed birthday bash last night, I glanced over at the buffet table and lo-and-behold, there sat a tray of tempting J.R.-Wiches, in all their ooey, gooey glory.  

"Suzy!" I exclaimed, "Are those what I *think* they are?"  

"Why yes, Classy," she replied, "And they've been the hit of the party!"

Indeed, those 'Wiches disappeared within moments after our exchange, and everyone seemed to love the little poppy seed-speckled party starters as much as we did back in the spring.  Click the links to March 08 on the left-hand side of your screen for the recipe.  Thanks for a great time Suzy, and many happy returns!


Suzy Shoup said...

I'm so honored to be mentioned in this prestigious blog...and a wee-bit embarassed that I don't have an amazing recipe of my own to share. I borrowed from many for the success of our party, but my next goal is to have something to contribute besides a place to imbibe! Thanks to you & JP for making an appearance!

jruptown said...

I knew I should have packaged those up and started selling them rather than giving out the recipe *doh*....I am so glad they were a hit....and what better than to have something named after you at a party with such obviously smaching attendees. However, did she use Humanitarian Turkey Mrs. C&S?....mmm hmmmm.....MUAH!