Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Handmade Holiday Hooch - Hooray!

I must have been a very good girl this year...

Shortly after I made out like a little lemon-scented bandit last week (read all about that Luscious Limoncello here), a happy hour with my sweet friend Angela Chase from KEGL netted me even more liquid holiday cheer, this time in the form of Angela's Dad's near-famous homemade wine.

Miles, the winemaker in question, with help from his brothers Frankie and Mike, has been crushing and fermenting his own home-grown grapes in Poolville, Texas, for some years now.  The fruits of his labor are reserved for family and friends, and he approaches the task with focus and thoughtful attention to detail.  

A quick phone call as we enjoyed a glass of Miles' 3-Way Blend gave insight into this process.  Not only was he eager to discuss his grapes and overall philosophy, but the fiesty amateur vintner was ready (pad and paper in hand?) to take comments and critiques on the final product as well.  

"Now, I have to ask, girls," he interjected at one point, "was the wine too sweet this year?"

"Why no, it's not too sweet at all," we replied, leaning over the speakerphone with our goblets of ruby-colored wine.

"Oh." he sighed (and you could hear the mischief in his voice).  "Next time I'll be sure to stick my finger in it for ya!"


Miles, you'd best stick to winemaking, sweetheart, 'cause I don't think Comedy Central will be calling anytime soon!


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Margie said...

How fun. My grandfather used to grow his own grapes and make wine when I was a little girl. I wish I could have been old enough to enjoy it more.