Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Strong's Everyday Tavern: A Fond Farewell

Just a quick note today, to say goodbye to a neighborhood spot that will close its doors very soon.  Strong's Everyday Tavern plans to cease regular service tonight (they have a private party booked on New Year's Eve), so a few of us headed there last night for happy hour and dinner, at the suggestion of a friend.  

Food and conversation were wonderful, and a warm, fragrant fire burned in the patio fireplace as we enjoyed our meal.  The restaurant was quite busy, and spirits were high among the diners and staff.  

To see the full story on what's to come for this spot at Cedar Springs and Fairmount, click this link to head over to Pegasus News.

So long, Strong's - you'll be missed!


Lydia said...

That building is a little cursed, hmm?

Cluster Funk said...

Good times! Strongs will be missed.