Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bologna Cake and Grits? Not On the Same Plate, Please.

When thinking about my two favorite blog postings over our first 100 posts, it was hard to narrow down my favorites. Of course, the CVS Challenge was about the most fun I’ve ever had in the kitchen, and all of C&S’s wine posts always make me drool. But I wanted to pick just two—one from C&S and one from me that I thought best-defined our blog.

From C&S, I chose her masterpiece article about the wonders of Bologna Cake. I’m sure those of you who have been reading our blog since the beginning knew immediately what I was talking about. This recipe (or guidebook, as the case may be), being both completely accessible and adorably wacky, is completely reflective of C&S’s personality both in and out of the kitchen. It made me smile then, and it makes me smile now. Although for the record, I still will not eat it if made with real bologna. Now, made with Genoa Salami from behind the meat counter? Hell yes.

My favorite blog from myself (I feel like a tool even writing that), is the one that I most enjoyed posting. Those of you who know me well know how much I love grits. I will use any excuse to make them—my husband and I have instated a “brisket and grits” Christmas Day tradition at our house, for crying out loud. To me, grits are just so distinctively comforting and warming, I think when I serve them to people, I am not only sharing food, but sharing a little love. I was so happy to post my favorite grits recipes, from basic to fancy, and I hope that a few people were inspired to warm some tummies of their own.


Classy&Sassy said...

Your grits are legendary, and for good reason. That blog post is a guide to deliciousness! Great choice!

Margie said...

Brisket and grits? What a fabulous idea!

elizabeth said...

Now that I'm coming back, I want to be included on your next judging team...I volunteer to try the grits anytime you need me to.