Thursday, September 18, 2008

La Madeleine: Back to New, Tout de Suite!

La Madeleine on Lemmon Avenue has seen better days.  

July's unfortunate Corvette crash-up left the neighborhood mainstay with an unplanned breezeway in the patio area, in plain view of passersby.  Since then, a plywood patch has been employed to keep out the elements.  Tres gauche!  In addition, that bedraggled sign, baring its innards for all to see, seems more rust-addled by the day.  I was beginning to wonder when, oh when, the bistro would be returning to its cute little self.  I'll bet you were, too.

Well, good news:  Manager Wes just told me over the phone that repairs to the patio will commence "very soon" and that a new sign has been ordered and is currently in production.  Oh, happy day!  Thanks, La Mad - can't wait to see you get back to chic!

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