Friday, September 5, 2008

We've Had a Little Work Done

Oh, calm down - everyone's doing it these days. And it's not like we wound up with a trout pout or anything ...we just wanted to look refreshed.

All it took was a little snip-snip, and a little tuck-tuck and what do you know? DallasEats 2.0! Have a look to your left to see what we've enhanced and augmented: Wine of the Week, Featured Reader and a handy-dandy gadget that allows you to subscribe to DallasEats!

See there? We knew you'd like it. And there weren't any needles or staples involved.


Tania said...

oh its so cute!! Much better then Joan Rivers' face!!! :)

Margie said...

Probably doesn't need as much constant upgrading as Joan, either!

JR said...

1) As the featured reader is it too early for me to start demanding things? Would it really be that hard to get me my own trailer with a star on the door?

2) Is it just me, or do you notice the striking resemblence when my face pic is that close to Joan Rivers?