Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Buzz

Ever since BuzzBrews opened in the former Pitt Grill spot at Fitzhugh and 75, I can't seem to keep from drooling every time I head north on the highway.  But being the lazy little thing that I am (Three exits?!  Might as well be three hours!), and being not particularly disposed to my local outpost of Cafe Brazil (I explained why here), I often found myself wishing and praying and hoping against all hope that one day this 24/7 great food/great coffee joint would grace me with a presence nearer to the Oak Lawn area.

Well, lo and behold, my prayers were answered.  When I heard what was going into the hard-luck space at Lemmon and Herschel, I could barely contain my excitement.  A real live BuzzBrews right in my own back yard!

Crowds of shiny, happy people have packed the new spot since it opened just a few days ago, feasting on bountiful breakfasts, lip-smackin' lunches and all manner of other delicious dishes in the wide-open dining area overlooking (wait for it) the Radio Shack parking lot.  Oh, well, maybe my new Brews doesn't have a view, but it's got some righteous coffee, friendly service and someone in the kitchen who may very well be my new culinary best bud (sorry, FP).

Take the Griddle Toast, for instance.  Think French Toast's rich uncle.  Soaked in a silken egg custard and grilled golden brown, it's oh, so much more decadent than the average pain perdu.  And that's before it's topped with Vermont AA Maple Syrup and a sprinkling of nuts.  Add two eggs and two slices of bacon, and you've got the Pitt Grill Griddle Toast breakfast.  It's an homage of which the dive of my high school days would be proud.  

Other clucking delightful egg dishes sampled included the Popeye (spinach, tomato, onion and feta cheese wrapped in a fluffy omelet) and the Californication (you'll have to look that up yourself), both of which can also be served as crepes.  Alongside you'll receive buttery, brioche-type toast and BuzzBrews' "garlic marbles" -  seasoned potatoes that were were, unfortunately, underdone when sampled on a recent visit. 

I took the misstep in stride, however, considering the crowd that morning and the exceptional quality of everything else on the plates.  To prolong my pleasure, I carried home an 8 oz. bundle of joy:  my very own bag of Buzz Brew, ground to my own particular specifications, which has awakened me with the appropriate combination of strength and encouragement every morning this week.  (For me, coffee is all about tough love.)

I can't wait to get in for dinner, and once I do, you'll hear all about it.  For now, however, I think you know where you're headed for that 2 a.m. post-party fix.  Or for brunch on Sunday.  Or both.
New location:  4334 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas


FoodiePrincess said...

Can't wait to try it! Sounds divine.

JR said...

I have never heard of this place....I will have to try it...I am assuming there is no valet? The sacrifices I take on your recommendations...OY!
Oh, and here is a nasty litle rumor I found out about BuzzBrew...I hear they kick their chickens to get the eggs to come out....I can neither confirm nor deny these accusations....I am just sayin'....

Food Czar said...

We need one of these up north!!
And isn't the website fun??

Classy&Sassy said...

They do have a fun website! Also, BuzzBrews is now one of my Myspace friends. Dontcha just love the internet?!

Classy&Sassy said...

Sadly, a DallasEats reader had a disappointing experience at BuzzBrews last night for dinner. Her comments:

"On my second visit to BuzzBrews, a friend and I were there for dinner on a Tuesday evening. Very few diners - the place was virtually deserted - much different than the crowded, bustling Saturday morning experience. Once again the (very cute) Brian was our server, and the service was great.

We started with a half-order of nachos. Creamy black beans, very chees-y, with pico de gallo, sour cream and chunky avocado relish. Really yummy, and more than enough for an appetizer for two.

Then things got rocky. The potato-onion soup was just odd. My friend's pork chops were thin, over-cooked and tough, accompanied by over-cooked broccoli and a (ho-hum) baked potato. My BLT had 6-7 slices of dry, tasteless bacon (much different than the thick, juicy slices at breakfast). And I don't expect a bag of random chips at a restaurant with table service! (Maybe think about offering the garlic marbles?)

There are no desserts on the menu, but a Heath Bar Mocha freeze looked like a sweet treat to end the (disappointing) meal. Alas, no Heath Bar flavoring - they were out."

I think the bottom line, as she would see it, is that BuzzBrews is great for breakfast, but not necessarily for dinner. I'll hit it again soon and try some different dishes, and let you all know if I concur.