Monday, September 22, 2008

Danny's Damsels in Distress

So, blog friends, I'm curious - anyone seen Rescue Chef with Danny Boome?  

I don't TiVo it or anything, but I've caught the show a few times, and while I was watching with a friend yesterday, it dawned on me that every episode I've seen has featured the adorable Chef Boome helping a very particular type of culinarily-challenged individual.  Specifically, each time I've tuned in, he is instructing a drop-dead gorgeous young woman.  Yesterday's lassie was Heather, a pretty brunette with a mega-watt smile who learned how to finesse a lamb stew under the Chef's attentive tutelage.  Last weekend, Boome brunched with an equally beautiful babe.

Now, I don't see anything wrong with this, per se - it's just a little curious (and may necessitate a change of title if it keeps up - may I suggest my headline above?).  Have you noticed it too?  Or did I just miss the episodes where he's paired with women older than 25 or, say, someone's grandpa or a couple of fraternity brothers?


FoodiePrincess said...

Hmmmm, never seen this show, but I will ahve to check it out. Should it be renamed "Danny's Dating Pool"?

JR said...

I just want to know one thing....exactly how much of my kitchen do I have to set on fire to get this little hottie to come and show me how to turn chared meatloaf into Grandma-Fiocchi's prize winning meat sauce?

Victoria is only a wee bit crazy said...

I don't know how to cook. Ok I do know how to cook, but I can pretend I don't. Where do I sign up?

Anonymous said...

Dear C&S,
It appears that all you have done is create a dating service for Danny Boome!