Thursday, October 2, 2008

Favorites: Cabana Boys, Pineapple Heads and Two Desperately Inventive Chefs

Here at DallasEats, we love a little healthy competition.  Or, not-so-healthy, as the case may be (I don't think anyone would have called my CVS Salmon Croquettes salubrious).  So, when it came time to play favorites in honor of our 100th post milestone, I knew that our contests were at the top of my list.

Drugstore Gourmet:  Back in July of '07 (far in advance, might I add, of any of the recent 99-cent store cooking adventures), Foodie Princess and I faced off in a culinary competition with one simple yet cringe-worthy rule:  all ingredients for our respective 3-course meals had to come from the neighborhood CVS.  Click the link above to read all about the dishes, the judging and who ultimately earned bragging rights in the first ever DallasEats Cook-Off.

Mixology Competition:  This follow-up contest left our judges with great, big smiles - and maybe headaches to match.  Opening up the floor to a few loyal readers, FP and I were joined by several other gifted amateur bartenders in a challenge to see who could mix the tastiest cocktail concoction.  Read on for the shaken, stirred, fruit-flavored and umbrella-garnished details.

Enjoy!  And please let us know if you have an ideas for future face-offs!



Food Czar said...

C@S, what about a wine-tasting competition? That way, you'd be sure to get your revenge. (I could even help judge. Hint, hint!)

Classy&Sassy said...

Very interesting idea!

Food Czar said...

Or better yet I could run it. I could have you guys do a blind tasting of six wines, three white and three red, and see who knows their stuff! (My money is on you, but I wouldn't underestimate FP at anything!)