Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Comment Card

The DallasEats girls would like to know what's on your minds...

We're introducing our new Comment Card feature today with a question that we've been pondering around our own dinner tables of late.  You'll find it here, and also to the left of your screen.  Click below to comment away!  We'd love to hear your thoughts - short or long, for or against - and you know we love a good story.

When you eat out, do you expect the food to be better 
than what you could have made at home?

...also, feel free to suggest a future topic for Comment Card.  

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FoodiePrincess said...

I would definitely say that it depends on the type of cuisine/price level/ambitions of the restaurant.

If I'm eating at Black-Eyed Pea, for example, based on their home-cooking menu and low price point, I don't expect their chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes to be better than what I could cook at home.

However, at a place like Stephen Pyles or Abacus, I expect the food to be much more interesting and innovative than what I would come up with at home, making it worth the price tag.

Food Czar said...

Good response, FP. By the way, if you make chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes better than Black-Eyed Pea, can we come over?

Classy&Sassy said...

This question occurred to me while eating out over the weekend, after being served an obviously undercooked dish that was, for all intents and purposes, inedible. It was icky and disappointing and all-around downer - and I'm not telling anyone where it happened :)

The first thought that came to my mind after being served was, "I could have done a much better job myself." Then, I *really* got to thinkin'... Was it worth the trade-off of being waited on, having free-flowing Diet Coke at hand a really nice soundtrack to enjoy while dining, even if the food wasn't any better than what I could have cooked myself with minimal effort (and probably one third the price)?

I'm still not sure about the answer, but I lean toward FP's philosophy more often than not.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, better small scale dishes maybe not. But I do respect a full industrial kitchen. Consider my George Forman grill vs a true steakhouse flame; my pizza stone vs a woodfired oven; my 15 year old hand mixer vs ... well, you get my drift.

JR said...

I would have to say absolutely...That is one of the major reasons I go out, and I dont care the price point. I expect every restaurant to be better then what I could have made at home...or I would just stay at home. At the very least i expect you to have something that I dont know how to make, comes with a secret sauce, or something i would never make just due to the skill set level. I know....I am in a bad mood today...give me a minute and anything that ends in tini and I will be better...BLAH!

Margie said...

I think I'm a pretty good cook. So, if it's at least as good as what I would make at home, I'm usually happy. Of course, the atmosphere matters a lot to me. Being waited on and pampered goes a long way with me.