Wednesday, November 12, 2008

For the Foodie on Your List

Whatever will you give to Aunt Sarah this holiday season, she of the gift baskets brimming with homemade brittle and hot chocolate mix?

Or what about cousin Roy, who tries a different new restaurant each week?

And - what's that you say? - you haven't even begun to shop for your very own sister, with whom you share a glass of wine on the patio every Saturday afternoon?  

Sounds like you're headin' straight for the Naughty List, mister...

Oh, dear, now we've got you hyperventilating.  Calm down - and grab a brown paper bag.  That's it... just breathe.  There's plenty of time, and DallasEats is here to help!  Today we'll present the first in a short series of holiday posts, featuring gifts we think the foodies in your life will love.  Below, you'll find our first picks to get you started.  And, who knows?  Maybe there's an item or two with which to stuff your own stocking this year!

Choose the Mexican/Latin Sampler or the Desert Island Sampler from this Napa Valley purveyor of native American foods for the adventurous home cook in your family.  And, here's a thought - for just a couple extra bucks, use one of their reusable logo shopping totes as a gift bag!  (click here to read our post on Rancho Gordo)

These pretty shineys from Uncommon Goods are made of recycled Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and red wine bottles.  The earrings are simple and versatile, and the necklace is a real stunner.

Another great find from Uncommon Goods!  These glasses come in four styles - Earth, Air, Water and Wildlife.  Each set is made of recycled materials and printed with a stylish motif of words and images.  We are especially fond of the beautiful, frosted Protect Our Air set which would compliment almost any table decor.

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HeatherBakes said...

Great ideas! I especially love those glasses.

Look forward to reading the rest of the holiday posts!