Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh Brother's, Where Art Thou?

For me and my hubby, Sundays are for three things: God (at least a few times a year), football, and fried chicken - not necessarily in that order. When I get my pick, the fried chicken is from Brother's, the famous East Dallas destination for spicy, crunchy and utterly delicious chicken.

Earlier this week, I was absolutely gobsmacked to hear that after nine years of churning out the crispy goods, Brother's had closed its doors. I rarely get upset at the closing of a restaurant, but to me, this was a biggie. It was just such a neighborhood institution - the kind of place that you tell your friends about, who then thank you profusely every time you see each other.

According to Unfair Park, there is a chance (although quite slim) that Brother's will reopen. There's also a slightly more likely possibility that the owners will open another type of concept, probably a bar, that will serve the famous chicken. Let's all keep our fingers crossed that it happens, because I think it's possible that the only thing that could make Brother's chicken any better would be to serve it alongside a cold beer.

I guess this Sunday it will be Williams Chicken at our house. Sigh. Williams is good eatin', but even though I'll enjoy it, I'll be pining for another.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sad about this. We LOVED Brother's! What could possibly fill the gap? I'm just not that big a fan of Williams.

Anonymous said...

The C-man and I have been devoted Brothers' fans, too. We served Brothers at two parties this year -with rave reviews!

There was also a location at Coit and Spring Valley, and that was sold to new owners (not so good).

So sad! Hope they are able to find another location soon!