Monday, August 11, 2008

Food Find: Allegro Coffee

Ever searching (bleary-eyed, in need of stimulation) for the perfect cup of joe, I'll often deviate from my usual brand and give something new a twirl.  I admit I'm a fickle little thing when it comes to coffee, and my allegiance will stray for a good sale or a pretty new foil sack.  Last week, however, I happened upon Allegro Coffee at Whole Foods and I may never stray again.

Allegro is full-flavored and offers a spectrum of roasts from light and lively to dark and mysterious.  I'm currently sipping a cup of the Colombian La Cacica.  Last week it was the Organic Whole Foods special blend.  The price is right (WF blend was 9.99 for 12 oz. and this Colombian was on sale for $8.99) - in fact, it's in line with what I normally pay for a markedly less socially-conscious cup.  You see, Allegro is all about sustainability and social responsibility.  I can have my brew and feel good about it, too!

Check out the company's website for more info.  Available at Whole Foods, and there's a coupon in this weeks' flyer at the register, so you can try it for $1 off the already reasonable price.  Buzz on, my friends!

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