Saturday, August 9, 2008

VeVe 180

After a visit to VeVe last night, the difficult decision was made to amend our previous post.

Contrary to glowing reports of amazing food, sexy lighting and live music at this Lakewood spot, the food and atmosphere on our visit were just "okay" (no need to be persnickety and particular in this instance - we'll just leave it at that), and a visit from the chef confirmed our assumption that someone else must now be doing the cooking back in the kitchen.  It was not the chef that my friend had met when he fell in love with VeVe some weeks ago, the chef that had dazzled him with delicious, masterfully prepared Latin dishes.  This was a different fellow, one who fed us adequately but failed to impress.

This change in kitchen talent, combined with several other minor but cumulatively significant glitches in our experience last night, were enough to warrant this post today. 

Sigh.  In the immortal words of Bad Santa, "They can't all be winners, kid."



Jennifer said...

Wow, that was a fast change in chefs. Too bad that it isn't as good as your original post. I was ready to go!

kaizee said...

We had a bad experience as well.

Seems to us they "tried" to upscale the previous eatary on a really tight budget. Ambiance was not desirable, cables for the band running around everywhere, bad lighting, we could hear the movie they were showing on the bar side as they had it running on the restaurant speakers, nobody guide you to any table. Food was OK, but not memorable.

They probably had more business if they have left it as a humble establishment. When you go to a dive, people wont judge decor, lightling and service as much.