Monday, August 4, 2008

Next Food Network Star Offers Consolation Prize!

Was anyone else as disappointed as DallasEats in this season's unpalatable Next Food Network Star competition?  Week after week, the judges seemed to shove most of their good sense and judgement down the In-Sink-Erator, and contestants didn't fare much better, what with all the undercooked food, poor camera delivery and downright shoddy chefsmanship on display.

Still in all, we agreed with the Final Three, and hung in there to the bitter end - we're no quitters! Our loyalty was rewarded, however, with the inexplicable decision to give the title, braggin' rights and brand new show to Aaron McCargo, Jr., despite his less-than-stellar performance in the last challenge.  We love Aaron, and that man can cook, but as far as "total package", he just didn't have the on-camera chops to justify the judges' decision.  The fact that the Food Network's website leaked the winner days in advance also took much of the fun out of the game for viewers.

In our not-so-humble opinion, the true show-stopper in the final challenge was Adam Gertler.  His humorous, effortlessly educational mini-show was our fave, and he had camera presence and then some compared to his two somewhat stiff, often stumbling competitors.  We're suckers for a lovable goofball.  Thus, you can imagine our delight today upon learning that the Food Network will be giving Adam his own show as well.  Titled "Will Work for Food", the show will have Mr. Gertler exploring the world of culinary employment through a variety of food-related jobs.  Sounds like fun! (Also sounds like a refreshing concept.)

On a related note, the debut of Aaron's show "Big Daddy's House" yesterday rated a solid "good".  The dishes were deliciously unique (a Roasted Pork, Provolone and Broccoli Rabe Panini really got the mouth watering), but the host's discomfort on camera was still apparent.  His delivery was bumpy at times, and the rapid-fire cuts of the program were a sure-fire tip-off that multiple boo-boo's had to be edited out.

The final loose end is Lisa Garza, our hometown girl from the Final Three.  Apparently, there was only one runner-up prize to be had - no new show announcements as yet for sassy, stylish Lisa.  Perhaps it's just as well that she stay here in Big D, hosting packed crowds at her restaurant Suze, which will inevitably see a boom in business in the wake of her newfound fame.


Anonymous said...

We were really cheering for the home town girl, Lisa Garza. Her sense of style and beautiful food would have given Giada a run for it!

But we also liked Aaron, and I'm so glad to hear that Adam will get his shot.

How about a Dallas Eats review of Suze for those of us who haven't been there?

jruptown said...

All I wanna know is, when are they going to Cancel Semi Home-made with Sandra Lee? That show would better be titled " Semi-tasteless with your B*itch of a host Mrs. Neurotic"...Maybe MTV needs to bring back celebrity death match and we can put Paula Dean and Sandra "makes my ears bleed" Lee in the ring together...Or maybe Martha can pull out some of her prison moves and use a sharpened veal shank to gauge her eyes's just a suggestion....

Classy&Sassy said...

Boy, Mr. Uptown, tell us what you *really* think :) That's what I love about you - honesty with a healthy dose of sarcasm. Can I throw Rachael Ray in the Death Match ring, too?

jruptown said...

I certainly do not see why we couldn't....but you've only got 30 minutes to make it count. Did I mention That veal shank Martha used was free range, just for you :-)