Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Save this Restaurant!

While I don't normally post on things of this nature, I felt I'd make a special exception today...

I met up with a friend last night, and he was overflowing with wonderful things to say about VeVe on Live Oak in the Lakewood area - the food, he gushed, was beyond wonderful (some of the best Mexican he'd ever had), and the service was impeccable.  This small family-owned restaurant, according to my friend, is one of the best food-finds in recent memory.  And this fellow, a restaurant-insider, should know!

A look at the website revealed charming decor and menu items that left my mouth watering even more than it did last night when he described a silky mole sauce that he "wanted to eat like soup with a spoon".

Unfortunately, my friend also mentioned that his new neighborhood fave might be struggling since it opened a few months ago, perhaps due to summer vacations, and a lack of advertising budget (so common when it comes to a business of the heart, opened on a shoestring).  He urged me to go, and to spread the word about VeVe, not wanting to see another great restaurant go by the wayside.

So, there you go, blog fans - I'll be visiting VeVe soon, and maybe you can too.  I'll post my thoughts here on DallasEats...

For more info:  www.veverestaurant.com


Classy&Sassy said...

Already heard from one blog fan about VeVe - here's what Jan had to say:

"I ate at VeVe about a month ago, and I can verify that it is excellent. The food is delicious, beautifully presented and a far cry from the typical TexMex food we know and love so well. Did I mention the service? Gracious is the word that comes to mind. Please - everyone - take the time to go to VeVe soon and take friends with you. It is well worth the effort."

Thanks, sweetie!

tony Stevens said...

I discovered this place a few weeks back. It seems to be a jewel that needs our business. The attention to detail on each dish was amazing. They served a different relish, sauce, or salsa with each thing we ordered, and all complemented beautifully. If you like Mexico City Mexican, or want a break from the traditional tex mex we consume by the pound, then i highly suggest you give it a try. Cute bar, live music some nights, and a warm environment make this a great place that needs our support. And the Mole' is to die for!!!!

Anonymous said...

I first encountered this place when I visited the Alligator Grill, which is right next door, a couple weeks ago. I finally went to Veve last night for dinner, and wanted to like it more than I actually did. Perhaps it was Wednesday and business was slow. The service is friendly and gracious, and I couldn't get enough of the tortilla chips and frijoles negro refritos, but my order of Arroz "Mar y Tierra" was a little disappointing. Particularly the chicken which was both plentiful and extremely dry. I'll probably give it another try with another dish though.