Monday, August 25, 2008

Jerry Jones at Villa-O!


DallasEats Dines with Dallas Demigod

Well, I didn't dine with the Cowboys owner, per se, but I dined very close to him this past Saturday night at one of our favorite see-and-be-seen spots, Villa-O.

After a short wait at the bar (and some delicious Pinot Noir), our group of five was seated at a booth alongside a large party of giggling teenage girls. We were giggling quite a bit ourselves, so we didn't mind the table of exuberant, well-dressed youngsters who appeared to be celebrating a birthday in high style. Every girl looked party-perfect with a camera-ready smile, and at each of the 15 or so place settings, the guest's own picture grinned back at her from within a rhinestone-studded frame. Cuteness!

And amid all these sundresses and Swarovski stones, imagine our surprise to see none other than Mr. Jerry Jones presiding over the party! He and his wife and several other family members sat at their own table a short distance away. Mr. Jones was downright beaming in the company of his nearest and dearest at what we presume was his granddaughter's birthday party. Several other Hard Knocks regulars were also recognized.

The highlight of the meal came after the cutting of the cake when all members of the party filed out the front door of the restaurant to catch a glimpse of a shiny new white BMW SUV, complete with a giant silver bow. There was quite a bit more giggling after that, and many photos were snapped before the celebration concluded.

We love a good celebrity spotting here at DallasEats - especially a sports-related one, right FP? And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that the food at Villa-O was, as usual, superb. Out of consideration for our readers, however, I'll refrain from any sports/food metaphors - i.e., "The lasagne totally scored a touchdown!" Feel free to thank me later.


Food Czar said...

You scored extra points for not using sports analogies. You're right, that would have been totally off base!! Thanks!!!

FoodiePrincess said...

I am so jealous. I think I would have keeled over and died if I were in the presence of the greatness that is Jerry Jones. I can't wait for football season!

Margie said...

That might have been a tragic scene for us. My husband hates Jerry Jones.

Jennifer said...

I can't get past the BMW part. I did have the same reaction when I got my 1987 Subaru.