Sunday, August 31, 2008

Our Last Meal on Earth

Before I Go to the Light, Can I Stop for a Bite?

A few weeks ago, posts on the Guidelive Eats blog and the D Magazine SideDish blog got our stomachs rumbling and our neurons firing over the fascinating (and somewhat macabre) question of what we would eat at our last meal on Earth.

Being the detail-oriented and culinarily discerning girls that we are, it took more than a little while for us to whittle down our absolute and final menus for our absolute and final meals. A decision such as this requires careful thought.

But what delicious consideration it was! After much soul searching, we finally settled on two of the most mouthwatering - and different - menus you may ever encounter. Read on below (try to keep the drooling to a minimum) for our respective Last Meals, and please let us know what your final menus would include as well. We can't wait to hear all about it!

FoodiePrincess's Last Meal on Earth

- 1st Course (Seafood Orgy)

A crabcake from The Oceanaire
Chef's Choice sushi platter from Sushi Sasabune in L.A.
(Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc)

- 2nd Course (Goodbye, Tex Mex. I will miss you most of all.)

Bob Armstrong Dip from Matt's Rancho Martinez
Puffy Tortilla Chips from Caro's in Fort Worth (to dip in the Bob Armstrong)
(Miller Lite)

- 3rd Course (Home-cooking Blowout)

Mike's Meatball Soup made with Jimmy's meatballs,
served with fresh buffalo mozzarella
My Mom's cheesy mashed potatoes
(California Pinot Noir)

- 4th Course (Desserts to Remember)

My Manny's Molasses Cookies
Key Lime Pie from the Bubble Room on Captiva Island

Classy&Sassy's Last Meal on Earth

- 1st Course

Tripe Creme Brie and Toasted Baguette
(Moet & Chandon Grand Vintage)

- 2nd Course

Pan Seared Diver Scallops atop Roasted Fennel
with Truffle Oil and Fleur de Sel
(Fall Creek Cache)

- 3rd Course

Butter and Herb-Rubbed Roasted Chicken
on Mesclun Greens with Maytag Blue Cheese and Balsamic Vinaigrette
(Times Ten Cellars Grenache)

- Dessert

Dark Chocolate Torte with
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and Warm Blackberry Coulis
(Lightcatcher Reserve Merlot)


Classy&Sassy said...

I'm officially *very* jealous of FP's seafood course. And I'm also hoping for Manny's cookie recipe!

Margie said...

Both the meals sound fabulous. I have never really been able to decide what I would want. I know it would include Alaskan King Crab legs with drawn butter or maybe bagna cauda. Some kind of foie gras preparation. Lola does a great job with that. Maybe the best thing to do would be pick a chef and let them do the menu. It's just too hard of a question!

Food Czar said...

You know what, Margie, that's not such a bad idea. Do a chef tasting for your last meal. I don't know about me, I know my wife would want Bobby Flay, and not just for gastronomic reasons, either!!!

Classy&Sassy said...

I know I speak for both FP and myself when I say that we'd choose Tyler Florence!

Jennifer said...

hhhmmm, I think I'd have to have the Carol Dip, my sister's Southern Salsa with fritos, Cream Cheese Naan, Ben & Jerry's Cinnamon Swirl Ice Cream, and McDonald's french fries. I'm such a comfort food crazy person.

JR said...

OK,just knowing me, if I have the ability to be offered a last meal it will probably be because I am shackled down, in an Orange Jumpsuit, awaiting a call from the Governor. I honestly do not think they offer this in a "Course" setting...and lets not even pretend the warden will serve the wine at the right temperature. Part of me wants this last mean to be served atleast 24 hours before they flip the switch so that people can honestly saw that I had the Sh*t shocked out of me....however, I digress.....I would prefer mine be served buffet style. I am also disappointed to see that you totally overlooked breakfast foods....I would have a sausage egg and cheese biscuit with a side of white gravy dipping sauce, followed by General Taos chicken. I will then keep my hands occupied with some buffalo wings while the wheel the BBQ Ribs into the room.....I will need a short break to purge, before I dig into pizza and a jalapeno burger with snuffers cheese fries...Which C&S you have seen what a spectacle I can make with a good jalapeno burger. Does anyone know when grandma is bringing her cornbread stuffing? Its getting close to midnight....and I will just die if I dont get some of that :-/

By then end, I may just have to chew and spit, but by God I will finishe with a double chocolate endulgence cake from Eatzies and some homemade peach and blackberry cobbler with slightly melted vanilla ice cream...

I may need a larger size jumpsuit, and thankfully you dont have to wear under wear under those things or it would be cutting off the circulation to my legs.

Thats all, I am ready to die there a vending machine on the way there? Do we have to call ahead to request a chair with a cup holder? Will any of this have time to turn to fat before this happens? I will just die if there is a sizzling noise when they crank up the juice.

and P.S....I am sorry for whatever I did....unless they deserved it....

Jana said...

I agree FP on mom's mashed potatoes, but they would have to be my side to a beef on weck w/ horseradish. Mmmm!!!